Author name: genetwaronite

Working on My Signature

An author signs a bookto affirm the life within.Written in subconscious code,it is the soul’s imprimatur. Note the perfectly formed lettersin Virginia Woolf’s signature, wholly legibleas if meant to show a balanced soulnever at war with itself. What complexities lurk in the signatureof Edgar Allan Poe, who adorned his letterswith loops and dots, underlined beneathlike …

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The Dilettante

I was just going through some of my earlier poems and discovered this one, from my first published collection Trash Picker on Mars.* It reminds me of my early days as a writer when in my rush to fill the page with words I did not always take the time to find exactly the right …

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Birth of a Poem

One day, I sat in a dentist’s waiting room, hopeless staring at the blank page of my journal when out of the void words started to appear … Here’s their story. Watch here

The Stuff of Poetry

Many people tend to equate poetry with supposedly more important things like love, war, pestilence, racial injustice, environmental destruction, death and despair, to name a few. Yet poems can be literally about anything. In his poem “Evening,” Richard Aldington simply wrote about doing the dishes, Ezra Pound, in his poem “In a Station of the …

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A Stubborn Old Pangolin

There once was a stubborn old pangolin who insisted on playing the mandolin. Some critics called it noise. Some claimed it destroys the ozone, so bad it’s a mortal sin. Follow more of my short poems on Instagram (genetwaronitepoetry).

Now on Instagram

Poets are now using Instagram more than ever to reach out to their readers, so I thought I might give it a try. So you can now follow more of my work here Hope to see you soon. Your comments, questions, and feedback are always welcome. Like all art, poetry is a two-way street, …

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