Advance Reviews for Shopping Cart Dreams

Here are two more reviews of my newest poetry collection Shopping Cart Dreams.

“Gene’s craft is so airtight his poetry seems to effortlessly reveal the deeper truths that we thirst for, and they contain a gravity that our hearts simply cannot escape. He creates a complicated view of our existence, and we love how this fully engages our minds and hearts each time we return to the world of his words.”

—Jeff Sommerfeld and Jason Splichal, Editors, Sky Island Journal

“Gene Twaronite offers a mix of free verse, sonnets, sestinas, prose poems and ekphrastic poetry which invite us to look at life through different lenses.  His prose poem, “A Street Named Wherever,” warns about “what happens when you do things automatically” and you stop seeing what is actually around you.  Twaronite entices us with clever poems that deliver unexpected takes on our ordinary world.  In the title poem, the shopping carts, which once dreamed of useful and meaningful lives, now face a different sad dream where they end up discarded and filled with the “detritus of all they once carried.” Twaronite’s poems subtly suggest a choice ­­– we are free to see a unique world within a sidewalk crack or, facing an unhappy dreamscape, to choose a better, different dream.” 

— Barry Harris, Editor, Tipton Poetry Journal

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  1. Henry Dallago

    Wow! Terrific reviews, Gene. All of your diligent creativity and unwavering focus continues to shine through in your poetry. We are fortunate to have you here with us in Tucson.

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