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Welcome to my new website where I plan to share some of my poems as well as a few of the things I’ve learned along the way in my own poetic journey. Please use the contact page to enter your name and email address to receive occasional posts.


  1. Hi Gene!
    I absolutely love your poem “Whenever I seen Empty” on your new homepage!


    • Thanks, Susan! It’s one of my favorites. Happy New Year!

  2. Joy Valerius Joy Valerius

    Happy New Year Gene ! Nice site !

  3. Colleen Eichenberger Colleen Eichenberger

    Congratulations, Gene!

  4. Dianne Brown Dianne Brown

    What an introduction to the New Year! Thanks for the poem “Plea for an Imaginary Amphibian.” It is the first poem that I read in 2022. I like your website, and I look forward to more posts.

    • Thanks, Diane. The first poem in 2022 – what an honor! Happy New Year.

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